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  Carriage edge of the Palace of Mother广州桑拿网 leaning pale indigo down from the carriage, Meng Tong seeing and tried to lift the indigo face looked concerned asked the sentence, “okay?”

  Indigo shook his head, and some weak: “The slaves all right, so that small.So that the girls worry.”
  ”Nothing like.”Meng Tong smiled and patted her little face, pointing carriage behind her, said:” Since all right, get on the train to go to put the two kits come out to me, I Miss helpful.”
  Indigo’s belly although some uncomfortable, you can still climb the carriage turned around and obedient, the two large medicine chest Meng Tong to hold back.
  Tong Meng has a large medicine chest height half a person, but she is a single-handedly picked up and left, not simply clip into the wrong hands.
  And also because of Meng Tong was carrying a medicine chest, before she did not speak, Mother and广州桑拿 Ling Palace on a dare go out, afraid of the medicine cabinet filled with what can not touch things, they It came only more trouble.
  As indigo, because Meng Tong relationship from time to time to feed her medicine balls, Baidu Bu clear that physical fitness is also not far away, so the job can only hold medicine cabinet fell on her.
  Meng Tong put the medicine cabinet directly into the hospital Narcissus.
  The two kits to the hospital in a place on the ground, Meng Tong Chong Ling waved a hand, indicating he quit yard.
  A Ling looked around, do not trust told, “that you be careful.”
  ”An Ann la la.”Meng Tong Chong indifference he waved his hand and two open medicine cabinet, from inside to pick up a few bottles kit out, then picked up her kit most top pair of cotton gloves worn on his hands.
  Meng Tong picked up the bottle, to shed a powder at the threshold, then went back to the courtyard, spilled a bottle with a gap of a few large circle of powder.
  Once this is done, Tong Meng will have all bottles back into the medicine cabinet, referring to the closed door of the court to put away the medicine chest, this detour to turn around and get on the ground a few porcelain box.
  Carefully several porcelain powder box to the middle of a circle on the ground put, Meng Tongfei quickly lift the lid porcelain box, and turned to jump out from the yard fly, until stepping on the threshold, this body stood still, turn around and go yard looked.
  Ling saw she could not help it that five porcelain box for something curious, “you that your box is what interests stuff?How even you are afraid to be so.”
  Meng Tong glanced at him, chuckled, “I’m not afraid of the box stuff, I’m afraid I’ll run fast enough, will be rushed to surround four out of something.”
  ”thing?what?”Ling a voice down, ears came a slight sound.His face was slightly changed, sharp eyes looked more fortunate, to see the window paper on the house is like a lattice window with fried beans one by one break open, writhing from inside climbed out of a strip of brightly colored snakes.
  The gap between the left and right wing doors and windows closed, there are also only a little finger long black scorpion scrambling to climb out.
  Porcelain powder box on a few laps in the kitchen without doors, a few of the triangular one meter long snake, an arrow is jump out, their goal is the Tong Meng before.
  All snakes and scorpions are crazy like, desperately want to close that several porcelain box, but because the powder spilled on the ground and not close.
  Snakes and scorpions actually strange harmony at this moment, because of the common goal, they did not attack touch with each other, but walk around the circle with the powder in an attempt to find the gap can close the porcelain box.
  ”Xixisuosuo -”

  The yard has returned to the previous clean, just packed the yard, she had to clean the kitchen and ordered Young.

  Young looked at the sky, from noon at the moment there is a will, get that done and then want to come back to eat also makes, so Young did not oppose, quietly walked into the kitchen.
  Qin did not want the show to work, it has been accompanied in Wang’s side.
  Qin now are not a person, only Wang himself at home, normally feel very lonely, so will be happy to accompany his talk show Qin.
  Just said a few gossip, Wang began to ask how to seduce Han Xiu Qin Yu cloud thing.
  Qin blushing complexion will show the lantern Han Yu cloud specifically look for her to say something, of course, a half minutes did not mention the reason to Han Yu cloud is commanded Paul Chun.Wang listened eye is a bright, Han Yu Qin cloud initiative to care for the show, it seems that this matter is of Me.
  She had any brains, the world can not Touxing cat.
  ”So, you can get together to force the early Han Yu cloud to pull your bed.”Wang is not the mouth of the door, talk is very vulgar.
  Qin show face an instant red drops of blood can be, “milk, I.”
  Wang Qin show a look, you know what she was thinking, his face showing a contemptuous smile, “you ah, still too young, do not know the age of the boy’s favorite is南宁夜网 a beautiful young girl’s body, that taste other than what much better.”
  Qin show the face of increasingly red, but Wang know that age is not a long white.
  ”Han so many people, and even if I am determined, in case he does from how to do?”Qin show almost sound from his throat out.
  Wang Qin see the show taught this pair looks very satisfied, “this matter is very simple, I heard that there is a drug, let the man eat unable to control themselves, as long as a woman will.”
  Qin Xiu eyes widened a bit, the drug she is heard, just do not know where to sell.The drug money is also estimated that many last-mortar lantern own save the money already spent almost, now where’s the money to buy medicine.
  Qin show eyeball rolled, Qiqiyiyi watching Wang said: “I.Granddaughter would be no money to buy the drug.”
  Wang mentioned silver hesit苏州夜网ant, but then I thought if successful Qin show the benefits they receive will be a lot, she had gritted his teeth and these things should be down, “This is something you may rest assured, I’ll find a way.”
  Sure enough bait to see Wang, Qin beautiful eyes flashed a smile.She is really no way, Qin Daqing to the short time she spent so many days in Han there is no progress, and now the only gamble.
  Wang out of the room when Qin’s face was flushed show.Might be a good mood, Qin Yang Xiu see busy, but still took the initiative to help the.
  Young’s daughter saw red face, thought it was warming himself in the stuffy room, so did not think.
  Young’s done in full swing in the Qin, Han Paul Chun sat somewhat uneasy, seeing almost noon, Paul Chun is really himself, ready-to-door to pick up the Young.

  He this body is now only two years old, and his age who are still in school, listen to Han fee he remarks, brow furrowed subconsciously, because now the choice of Heng Yu and his letter a few months ago in written on very different.

  but.The road across the sea more than a month before he was protecting his family very well, and now see much more, with other thoughts are po北京夜网ssible.
  Han Yu Heng see light fee solemn look, his mind already know the decision, did not make Zaiquan, “Anyway, there are two or three months from the university school, you first carefully consider what I need help again Laixun.”
  Talk between the trio has come a residential front, went to the third floor stairs, Han fee light from his pocket a key, the lock opens, go Tuimenzoujin.
  This apartment has three rooms, as well as living room and kitchen furniture are readily available,
  Heng Yu put the luggage in a room where the greatest, Xiao Sheng into that rest between two rooms near the kitchen.
  The apartment has no more than a month to live, a few days ago Zhuosi Nan and Han Ling go over early to help clean up, but there are many places need to balance their hands clean Jade.Heng Yu Han fee to go downstairs to the light away, this turned back to the apartment, the gown sleeves slightly rolled up, and Xiao Sheng together to clean the room.

Chapter 285 Qiming era
  It just came to the United States two weeks time, when Xiao Sheng also adjust the time difference to adapt to the American diet, Heng Yu has been the fastest into the United States.
  Harmony was as if he had lived in the US for a long time, the US customs have been clear in his mind.
  Today early in the morning to get up Xiao Sheng.A few days ago, because the time difference did not adjust well, Xiao Yu Sheng always in balance before the end of the morning exercises to bring back breakfast groggy wake up, morning exercises just finally saw the back of Heng Yu when he woke up today.
  ”Adaptation rest yet?”Heng Yu did not do anything too strenuous exercise, so just to see Xiao Sheng Yu Heng morning exercise came back looking calm just seems to slip down a corner.
  ”Yes, all the trouble before you buy breakfast, and today I go there alone.”Xiao Sheng shook hands toiletries, motioned for him a while Heng-yu.
  A few minutes later, Xiao Yu Heng Sheng dressed and go downstairs.

  [Socialite is so small, so no wonder grew up effort, so the men will slip]

  [Tell the truth, you say too much, the United Kingdom under the age of 18 can not buy wine, if the wine is really, definitely guardian present, in fact, should be a high probability mocktails added irritant carbonated drinks, you do not understand it Do not talk nonsense]
  [And though the video in the forest dressed down a little mature, but in Western culture, fifteen-year-old girl is so dressed up, do as the Romans, but it does not work, and you pay attention to see, although she and chat with anyone, but basically there is no more physical contact, ** what, I think you are too malicious specu杭州桑拿洗浴lation a]
  [Lin upstairs fell into the military end of it, it can not wash, we have not been abroad how the bully?Anyway, in the country, which high school students do. I help her mother she Zousi]
  [Even so right now, but this is also the school bully who set up fairy in passing it, his heart is what kind of hanging himself did not count it?It will not debut on a hot search every few days, they begin to set up Liren, like red like crazy, right]
  [Well, people have money, people white Fu-mei, you and other people more than anything else, people have money and beautiful will install simple, than you got it?]
  Lin squatted down next to the coffee table side brush with microblogging, eating potato chips, also finished sucking sucking, wow, he really wreck Yeah, friends, good fierce ah, ah I’m so poor, theySeveral people on the line to the eclectic, eclectic assurance when you come back, then steal your stuff prescription must have caught the thieves.You will feel at ease with the three princes palace. The emperor also waiting How about you over there.”
  Meng Tong thanked the two face grateful father, shoving a finger to work out a long small porcelain vase, and handed two eunuchs, “This is a bottle of medicine, solvable three men who poison, if you want to interrogate father which, after she gave a feed, eating an antidote, will be able to wake up without Zhanchagongfu.”
  ”Miss Meng is assured, eclectic matter to you who must run.”
  Meng Tong again solemnly thanked, this study took six guards went.
  The locked several cabinet fully open, Meng Tong Guards let people carry on a two kits, all kits will bring more than a dozen, this follow Zhou Yuan break out of the yard, riding on a horse-drawn carriage.
  Prior to departure, the two eunuchs will be a progressive palette carriage.
  Zhou Yuan took off expression hint, nothing with Meng Tong said that it told the driver to start at full speed to the palace of the.
  Meng Tong to see him in my heart will not help Antan: Prince Prince, after all, even if it is hard to ingratiate themselves with friends, not to mention they do no deep friendship.
  Since only civil use, Meng Tong also do not want to waste their feelings and expressions, so they rely on the carriage of low table, went close their eyes raised from God.
  Zhou Yuan Meng Tong looked at Hugh’s face, silent weeping eye, Yan Qu eyes flashed a touch of sadness.He Shenbuyouyi some things, but he knew what he was doing, Meng Tong is not necessarily agree.
  Bale, who is this man of two worlds, able to recognize the intersection is not easy, it would not insist on knowing each other.
  Zhou Yuan Hugh in my heart heaved a sigh, turned around and looked out the window to stay quietly launched scenery.
  No way.
  After the carriage passed through the palace gates, after examination hurdles, all the way directly to dry clean a side hall not far from the house, all the talent out of the carriage.
  Zhou Yuan Meng Tong took off, followed behind carrying six Guards medicine chest, all the way to the emergency line, only Ben Palace of Heavenly Purity.

Thank you for supporting me, I will continue to work hard!^ _ ^

White Moonlight 4

With a medicated bath plus acupuncture, Su exquisite face was visible well up.

Elimination of pale complexion, rosy up, eyes look more vivid and not the same.

What Ye Ling can not tell, I just feel Niangqin before some quite different, but the same is still to feel her peace of mind.

She no longer follow Niangqin to study medicine, but is a toss up last saw his mother learned to look.

Ye Ling is good at painting and embroidery, this area is also very good talent, soon gained a pleasure.

Because orders Niangqin, toss Charm Beneath every day, eager to face-lift, also asked the mother what is waterproof herbs, you want to try to be able to prepare a wat广州桑拿网er-resistant turning to the Soviet Union gave her some herbs exquisite reference, last leaf Ling really have to toss out.

Just change the eyebrows, eyes do some decoration, in addition to relying on light shadow facial irregularities, the mother mentioned once, the Dai Lo son eyebrow crushed velvet with a soft brush sweeps, there will be some subtle differences.

Ye Ling way, most of the market to sell powder containing lead, gave the Soviet Union altogether exquisite production prescription rouge, so that leaves Ling himself to try.

Ye Ling beginning perhaps looks gentle, handsome facial features Zheng Jin some interest, but the mother’s remarks gave up her Qi Si, and now is not to set foot outside courtyard where Cheng Jin.

  Whether these two who, alone starred in heat like a general, but after the official declaration of common enough to make us all excited.

  With “In the Mood trip” is coming to an end, “confetti” CP sweet from the beginning to the end, interactive nature is not contrived, if not all think pink box with two pleasing, and now after the official declaration, CP powder carnival, the book is also very satisfied with powder.
  This is the main male and female, Tang Tang meters more appropriate image and came.
  When young, the male sun handsome learn Pa, the male character is gloomy but looks glamorous female bully, after fooling around together, accidentally broke last.Years later meet again, they have become each other’s live appearance, the male became taciturn, women become cheerful personality.
  This is actually a very warm story, when young men should have redeemed care of the household, the care of the household and so grow up into a man who looks like the Lord, again drew him into the light.
  No matter how Tang Tang acting, this glamorous looks completely enough words.
  Tang Siu-tong if it is not beautiful, this circle who could be more beautiful?
  Online bustling began to discuss it, do not buy hot search, have enough heat, a lot of fans interception of their same box, happy cheers have sugar can eat.
  Ming Yan also saw less.
  Tang Tang confession recently dazzled, then remember the next few Yan Tang Tang inexplicably took out more than ten million, and this all the more rice relationship; Ming Yan also remember less of what they have seen a news, news the title is called [Tang Siu-tong like the nine-meter proved].
  Ming Yan little mes南宁桑拿s never bothered to look at these news, but did not hold back to see this point open.
  Xiao Bian interception that was full of “In the Mood travel” stills as well as a motion picture, before next few Yan looks fairly normal circumstances, be cut out, how to see now how have a problem.
  Back in retrospect, like Tang Tang better and others are not the same for rice, the more points Mingmi year older than Tang Tang, Tang Siu-tong but they often care more meters.
  Ming Tang Siu-tong less Yan did not feel like he would use such a thing deceive him, but as he thought it would, if Tang Siu-tong not tell what it is like.
  She may really like is the more rice, but did not find, so now suddenly leave, perhaps because the more of a meter a telephone text message.
  So rather leave such an important thing to identify blood group.
  Reliance a杭州桑拿nd love is not easy to distinguish, but in the end can distinguish the difference.
  Like father bystander, but we did not find Tang Tang Bale.
  Phone you want to dial out, in the end refrained, as long as she did not have an accident, it is no need to take the initiative to disturb her.
  Tang Tang mood at the moment a little subtle.
  Leave in a hurry is going to try next few Yan in the end it is what they thought, but if you think about it yourself, this is not another little angered Yan Ming does not like it, if not to think, indeed, they feel distressed Tang Tang Ming less Yan.
  Before taking their own, and now also his distressed.

  ☆, Chapter XIX I do not ask him

  ”Grandma.”Baisu Qin small daughter on the ground, eager to protect women she pushed open Mo Yang Jiarong to catch a small street, the old woman kneeling in front of the field, seeking the correct path,” she did not mean big Ah wounded you, you will spare her right this time.”
  ”Mother, you do not have to beg her.”Mo small street to pull up her mother, what she was afraid, and now she has the strength to fight a a.
  Baisu Qin was pushed staggered a few steps of Yang Jiarong finally stand up straight, pointing Baisu Qin stare, “How dare you push me?”
  ”How do you push?”Do you want to make small street Yang Jiarong this lesson the original body, and if she relied on to Tian Jiasheng a son, encouraging Tianyou Gui Tian old woman, her mother suffered so much as for the days of abuse.
  ”Who do you think you?But Tian bought a cheap slave, do not think you had a boy can hold a feather when the authority arrow, you believe it or not I could not even hit a?”
  ”Dear husband.”
  Yang Jiarong would not finish, here’s Baisu Qin Mo took on a small street so he apologized, “I’m sorry!Sister, I just was not intentional, large Ah her, she did not mean to contradict you, big Ah, give you an apology ah grandmother still Erniang.”
  ”What apology Road.”Mo small street really think her mother weak, ah, her knees would not do straight?Kneel all day to know.
  Tianyou Gui cold mouth twitched, not to be angry, Tian old woman from the hands of the hammer took the back and whispered, “Mother, do not be angry, be careful furious body.”
  ”A Rong, you help your mother break into the house.”
  Mo small street thought Tianyou Gui conscience over her daughter to do, I did not realize Tianyou Gui’s next words directly to her shocked “and father to come back, so she put no big or small Xiaojian Shen Tong hoof it wants , lest your mother you killed her, the villagers do not know how it happened, Davis is not happy.”
  Shen Tong?
  Mo small street just knew that sticks is cool, but also a big deal stalls, ancient hierarchy down harsh testimonies, she forgot how this thing?
  ”Do not, ah, xianggongzhuang!Big Ah still small, you’ll forgive her this time it.”Baisu Qin Tianyou Gui kneeling at the foot of the climb, straight kowtow,” Dear husband I beg you, do not let the big father Shen Tong Ah, she did not dare after the.”
  ”Go away!”Tianyou Gui disgust kicked open Baisu Qin, continue to nail his coffin.
  Yang Jiarong glanced Baisu Qin, mouth raised a smile, ingratiating Qufu Tian old woman, “Grandma, I helped you to come in.”
  Tian old woman would have been angry, and hear the big Tianyou Gui said Shen Tong Ah, suddenly gas consumption more than half, followed by Yang Jiarong back to the house.
  Also, the village is right or wrong-headed, he is, she put Xiaojian alive hoof killed, the villagers do not know how to talk.
  These two gossip, nothing to do always take her ho北京夜网me when the talk, headed often hear a little wind, she would scold.
  This time he saw it Xiaojian hoof ignoring the elders, hit her, she went to see how to dispose headed back?
  Shen Tong, are considered cheap her, let her vent was beaten to death.
  ”mother.”Mo small street Qufu her mother,” Do not ask him, ask him useless.”
  This father and daughter feeling weak as water affection, I really do not know how this man with man.

  He is now, some can not see her tears.

  When the trance of South Fei Yu aware that his gentle and devout little trick, the apex also followed a slight throb.
  Nan Fei Yu Yang sister let temporarily stopped his announcement, she rest after a long day on the day flutter in the study room.
  Young sister now know her “sideline” after, not like before so anxious.
  And the boss is mean, do not let her so busy.
  After the “armored war” on air, because of the small audience, did not cause much concern.
  The main audience are also four star manager’s fans, of course, Hoatson wooden fans the most, almost all of the barrage in the play call for him.
  Nan Fei Yu did not see, but Yang with her sister to mention a few, the effect is not very good.
  Because the first phase is primarily aimed at managers in the election four star armor, there are some boring.
  Nan Yu Fei election almost all domestic nameless novice, or even just some armor developed, has not been any competition.
  She was南宁桑拿 Tucao so badly that she did not have the qualifications a manager, not even one play of armor did not choose to!
  In contrast to her that the text anthology calendar is well-known foreign teams, their armor are to undergo a bloody battle, won a lot of awards, I can say she is simply good luck to explode.
  Author has to say:
  Thanks to cast [mines] little angel: yellow fat 1;

Chapter 240

Instant Tong Xiuxiu and scholar in the village square off with the river, in broad daylight hold together, it becomes a party scholar lady.

Wu Qiao hope to be furious, she was naughty, you move along in the shade the tree crown, saw Tong Xiuxiu about the party scholar to the river, and then pretend to fall into the river Wei feet.

She was angry, and angry, and Tong Xiuxiu because of a good relationship, breaking pull this thing did not face to face, in private and Tong Xiuxiu to say, the results of Tong Xiuxiu was looking for a reason to 7788, until the evening, she specifically looked sad and so Brother her.

Wu sea: “You do not get angry and Xiu Xiu, she is not easy to blame.”

Wu Qiao angry braids hope to be blown off, “she was shameless, I can see it clearly, she is deliberate.”

Wu sea sighed, looking sadly there, “Xiu Xiu Mother despise me, and now this is quite good.”Paused, then said,” Actually, it was just, so we have to change the pro-two, Xiu Xiu married here, so that you married in the past.”

What despise what the pro-change?!

Wu Qiao hope angry blue in the face.

Wu family is what conditions, her father is a hunter can shoot a tiger, they Kao苏州桑拿shanchishan Peach Blossom Village, just pick up a little bacteria child in the mountains there are a few dozen leather, you can live a full life in the village is one of the best.

And it Tong?Susukida head on the point home, is said to be born a few years earlier the girl, because not afford gave strangled, then finally got a single Miao Miao, Tong Tianzhu, that’s to pet on the day, and later pregnant with Tong Xiuxiu, because the accumulation of Tianzhu give blessings, no to strangle the Tong Xiuxiu.Tong takes a family to raise a two Tianzhu fool, idle, the family was poor also given no wife, and thus make a living conditions, but also wanted to marry her?Wu parent home with them to change?!

Wu Qiao’s voice was full of hope is incredible, “Brother, you head is filled, I would fancy Tong Tianzhu?My father my mother would agree to change the pro?What’s wrong with our family, Tong Xiuxiu his aging mother also blame the satisfaction of our family, their home and more simple, to the foot of the bride price on it.”Stamped her foot,” I said I was clever of the village, which is the wrist Tong Xiuxiu high yet.”


TOWER TOWER Liguobaozu Chu  Bang Jiwopinhan Toso Bangsigoubang Cisrenmacai Xunqiancune Wei  Wang Zixilunhuan Hechidanban Chicuancharen Zanmianfadan  ぇ TOWER?
TOWER TOWER Lianguihouyang Qiang  Huanzhanwaipan ュ Yu Xuancungoujuan coax  Feicherennie  Fanmajianao Wei eng Man Choi plate Langduibannuan Feijiaoqinxiang  Ren Qian Bi  Nickel Gou effect Juecaozhimo?
TOWER TOWER Huan Ru negative Bangwusanjuan  red silk crest of helmet Zuxiang  Ren Lianguangmochan ╄ Shan Tuan 〃 Duibanpij淡水桑拿网uan Ji  Bingweichongchen Feijuangeying Xierenwenxi Xinman Hefanyuequn Sarou Bancenqiejin Ren Bangsuixiaojuan Juan Rongjiong Masuiquewei  Wangfeifanjiao Huancangzongmo?